The Friends of Akershus Castle

Akershus Castle in Oslo photographed by Knut Bry (©SAKK)

The Friends of Akershus Castle was founded in Christian IV's Hall on the 5th of October 1951 after some time of preparatory work, and celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2011.
The need for a friends association was evident after the German occupation in 1945 was over, and it came to reconstruction of the country. Much was destroyed and had to be built from scratch. Most people looked forward, and cultural heritage was not at its best time. But a sense of a national awareness was strengthened, and with it - the interest in our history.

In a stripped and worn Akershus Castle - with loans of equipment from many museums and galleries - the castle was for the first time in more than a hundred years used as the center of the national celebration of King Haakon VII’s 75th birthday on the  3rd of August 1947. Much work still remained before the Akershus Castle – the medieval castle, the renaissance palace and fortress - could emerge as what we have today: the Government’s most impressive venue for official receptions and a national treasure. In this work, the Friends Association has played a key role.

Our Preamble states:
The Friends of Akershus Castle is an association whose purpose it is to work to preserve and pass on Akershus Castle both as the venue for official receptions and to ensure that the castle with its inner fortress appears in the best way for visitors. The Association supports and organizes research on the history of the castle.