Major efforts for Akershus Castle and Fortress during 60 years

Akershus Castle and Fortress Akershus Castle and Fortress Akershus Castle and Fortress Akershus Castle and Fortress Akershus Castle and Fortress Akershus Castle and Fortress floodlighted by night


The floodlighting of Akershus Castle makes the evening and night time castle visible from both land and sea. A great sight which is the great National treasure worthy. The idea came from the Hans Høegh and the Friends in 1972 and was funded by Akers Sparebank, now Gjensidige NOR.

At the time of the Friendship Association's 10-year anniversary in 1961 an initiative was taken to upgrade the terrain around the Castle. Initiatives for planting, regulation of trees, creation of the Carp Pond in the north and Monks’ Pond in the south was taken by friends, and carried out by the Municipality of Oslo.

A variety of gifts have been bestowed on Akershus Castle from the Friends Association, such as chandeliers, shields, candle holders, pewter flatware, pewter tankards, cabinets, chests and vases. Akershus has one of Northern Europe's largest collections of original brass chandeliers from the 16-1700's. Other gifts include the crucifix to be used in Akershus Castle Church,  the clock in the Southern Writers’ Room, Christian IV's coat of arms carved in wood and the large tapestries (wall hangings) of Christian IV's hall with motives from the Spanish Riding School, found at Tjøtta farm in Helgeland and appropriately restored by the Friends for a six-figure sum.

At the time of the Friends’ 50th anniversary in 2001, funds were raised from excited donors to restore Emanuel Vigeland's beautiful Rose Window in Olav Vs Hall. This work is still in process.

The last donation by the Friends was the great portraits in Christian IV’s Hall.

In total, the Friends have provided gifts for about NOK 30 million during the first 60 years!